How to Write a Nursing Research Paper

As a nursing student you are expected to write a nursing research paper. Nursing research papers have several sections including the introduction, Body paragraphs, and the conclusion. These sections must follow specific guidelines that will help you write a nursing research paper. Be sure to properly mention your sources to ensure that they are properly acknowledged. This will ensure that you don’t end up in trouble.

The theoretical basis of nursing research

Based on their theoretical base, nursing research papers can be classified. The theory-driven research in nursing improves nursing knowledge by explaining the motivation behind a certain intervention and how it impacts the patient’s outcomes. Practically speaking, theories are useful because they help nurses perform their duties more efficiently. They also contribute to the knowledge base that already exists about particular medical issues.

Various books on nursing theory are available at the library. These books include citations to major journal articles that aid readers in understanding the fundamentals of nursing. In addition, these books provide background information on a specific issue and can guide you through your research. For example, a book on nursing theory might give you a good overview of various theories which will aid you in further research on a particular problem.

Many theories include assumptions that define the relationships between concepts. These assumptions clarify the purpose of concepts and help to explain their relationships. Based on the the assumptions, a theory can be theoretical or operational. The theoretical type provides an entire perspective on nursing, while the former gives a narrower perspective.

Since nursing is both an art form and a science, it is important to develop nursing research within the framework of a theoretical model. Research without theory would be nothing more than a collection of information without context. The theory aids in defining research questions and assists researchers in analysis, design and interpretation. Nursing science is a complex combination of unique knowledge and borrowed knowledge which could make it difficult to establish a connection between research and theory.

Nursing theories are only effective if they include definitions and concepts. It must clarify the relationship between the components and how they relate to each other. In other words, it has to provide information that will make the nursing process better. Before you can apply mastersessay it in your practice, it is essential to be able to comprehend the basics of the theories.

master’s essay writing service Nursing theories are usually developed by nurses. They can influence the work of physicians. Some nurses employ more than one theory to support their work. Some theories are grand theories, which provide a comprehensive picture of the nursing profession. Other theories are middle-range, which address specific phenomena and are based on grand theories.

Body paragraphs

A nursing research paper has a specific structure. The most important elements of a nursing research paper include the Abstract and Main Body, and Reference Page. Each section should be properly named and include information on the topic. The title should also attract the attention of readers. Avoid abbreviations or words that aren’t of any significance. Abstracts should not go over 250 words and should include keywords.

A good body paragraph follows the structure of the thesis statement, and includes examples that support the main idea. A body paragraph usually is one to two paragraphs and may include multiple quotes or paraphrases. It must also be convincing to the reader. It should be concise and yet rational.

Nursing essays must demonstrate the ability of the student to present the subject, develop an argument that is cohesive, and convey the main idea to the audience. The essay must demonstrate the writer’s capacity to combine general and specific arguments. The student should also demonstrate critical thinking by connecting specific concepts to general concepts. To avoid errors, the writer must pay attention to punctuation, grammar, spelling.

While writing a nursing research paper it is essential to gather all of the principal ideas and arguments before writing the paper. This can be accomplished using many prewriting activities. Brainstorming is one of these activities. This activity is designed to gather as many ideas possible and create an outline. Mindmapping is a different activity that helps students organize their ideas in groups.

An outline is essential for any type or writing. An outline not only helps you organize your essay but also helps you plan and organize your research. When you write a nursing research paper, the outline helps you visualize the information that you’ve collected. It also gives you a sense of what you need to concentrate on in your essay.


The final paragraph of nursing research papers must provide a summary of the key conclusions of the study. It should also focus on the main themes that support the thesis. The conclusion should be a clear analysis of the research findings. It must be at least 150 words in length, however, the length of this document may differ depending on the institution as well as the instructor or the publisher.

A good conclusion should include the research problem and the relevant literature. The problem must be clearly discernible relevant to nursing and have a logical basis. It should also be in line with the study’s conceptual framework, scientific framework framework and the orientation of the ideological. In addition, the review of literature should summarise the existing knowledge on the subject.

The conclusion of the nursing research paper must include a strong thesis statement that defines the primary purpose of the paper. It should also be precise enough to support its claim. In addition, the information presented must be precise and solid. The research paper must be formatted according to the guidelines and instructions provided by the professor.

A nursing research paper must clearly define the purpose and methods. This will assist the reader know the purpose of the research. A well-crafted conclusion serves as a focal point of the study. It should also be replicable. It should be easily reproduced by other researchers. It could be a powerful tool to improve the practice of nursing.

Research papers on nursing should also contain ethical guidelines for conducting the research. The study should be conducted accordance with the highest standards of investigational ethics. It is vital to ensure the integrity of the investigators, their credibility, and the proper procedures for defining the authorship or ownership.

Nursing research papers can be qualitative or quantitative. The research methodology chosen will depend on the research question. Quantitative research seeks to gather empirical evidence. Researchers can examine whether the results can be generalized. This type of research includes experiments and non-experimental methods. Descriptive research is the method of gathering information and the process of describing a phenomenon.

Works cited

The style of citations used for research papers in nursing differs in accordance with the journal used. Some journals use APA style, while others use Harvard style. In a recent study we examined the style of reference citations used in 39 nursing journals and found that one third of the journals provided examples of how to include literature in their writing.

Nursing literature is focused on the patient’s treatment. This means that nurses seldom publish their own work and tend to only quote articles they have read. This is different from the field of history, which emphasizes the creation of books. Despite this, citation rates in nursing are quite low.

When a work is published in a journal or not, it is crucial to properly cite the source. It is crucial to use consistent citations. The data sets cited in the text should be consistent with the reference list. Authors should not use gendered terms. Instead of using “nurse” authors should utilize “nurse” instead.

The Works Cited page should include an overview of all sources used in the research paper. The page title should be central and double-spaced. The entries should be centered and feature an indentation hanging from the page. Each entry should be able to have its first line aligned with the left margin. The following line should be indented by one-half inch. The alphabetical order of the list should be followed, starting with the last name, or work title of the first author.

Remember to adhere to the APA guidelines for writing a nursing research paper. This style is the most used in the literature on nursing. It is also utilized in professional training programs for nurses. For example, preparing nurses to write for publication is vital to sharing results as well as quality improvement projects and fresh ideas. It is crucial to be able to reference important sources to ensure accuracy and credibility.

The MLA Handbook eighth edition is shorter and simpler to read. It guides writers through the process of evaluating sources and creating useful entries in the works cited list. It also offers tips on how to find and use a database to conduct research.

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